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and that’s why you don’t go around fixing people

and that’s why you don’t give up pieces of yourself to make someone else whole

We do this more than we think. Sometimes we reject those who have helped us the most. Other times, we help those who allow their egos to hide their humilities.











it may take time but there is someone waiting to hold your hand

My tears

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I feel horrible for the civilians and I can’t say I agree with EVERYTHING we are doing but I still side with my country.

It is not a genocide. Yes many people are killed but we do not systematically kill a group for no reason, which is the definition of genocide. I feel horrible for the people who’s homes get raided and for the people who get bombarded by rockets. However, don’t you dare tell me Israel has privilege. We work hard and have a right to our country. Yes, we should let civilians in but getting rid of Hamas comes first. Plus, many civilians have hated us long before. They even voted for Hamas. Israel has done things I cannot say I always agree with but same goes for every goddamn country. I wish for them to reach out to more people who have lost their homes or have been hurt, but right now we have terrorists to take care of. There is a fine line between genuinely criticizing, and hating a country. We understand that some things we do can breed hatred but when we have to defend, what choice do we have, we don’t have the upper hand, so it’s very easy for these groups to use us as a scapegoat. Please understand this. The sooner we can weaken Hamas, the sooner things will quiet down. There will always be SOMEONE against us. But I will never apologize for my countries right to defend itself. Both sides have it bad, but one side hates us after Hamas conditioning and circumstances started by them, causing us to retaliate and causing civilians to get upset. We need to stop hating each other but t is a naive thought. We’ve tried peace agreements and two state solutions before. Look what fucking happened.

Criticize us, but do it with facts, and realize that we have a right to exist. Recognize that we are not killing machines or monsters. We are humans, just like everyone else. We honestly try to keep casualties to a minimum but after so long on defense and now erring bombarded, it’s time to go on offense because we don’t need people like the mother of the suspect in the killing of three Israeli boys, who said she doesn’t know if his son did it, but she is proud if him if he did, or people like the woman pretending to be pregnant while crossing the border into Israel while her belly was actually explosives. Or the woman who tried to detonate a bomb when the IDF told her to remove her clothes to search her. This is the fucking reason we closed the borders. You wouldn’t want Canadians or Mexicans to come into the US with bombs right? Your enemies are overseas. Ours are our neighbors. It’s very hard sometimes to feel sorry for gazans because some of them believe so badly that we should all die. and it’s not because of this escalates fighting. They have always said this.

slackerlicious asked:

The warnings are a joke. Where should the Palestinians evacuate to? Especially when they're given 5 minute, 3 minute warnings in one of the most densely populated place on earth? A neighbors house? A refugee camp? A shelter? All those places are targets to the IDF. They can't cross the border into Israel or Egypt. Should they jump into the sea?


How much warning does Hamas give the Israelis? 

(Hint: they don’t)

It’s not ideal to have to evacuate your home because your rooftop is mortar pad, but what’s the alternative?

Let rockets fall? Would you do that? 

'Human rights activists' at Hamas' service


Op-ed: Islamic organization has a huge reservoir of marionettes waging its PR war in Israel and around the world.

Most of them have good intentions. They want peace and reconciliation and want us all to make love and not war. Hamas loves them.

In October 2013, Ismail Haniyeh delivered a thanksgiving address: “We put our trust in the support of the liberals in the world… Greetings to all the civil society organizations and human rights organizations.”

In that exact speech, he presented the “Palestinian national strategy,” which will include “an armed struggle and a PR struggle in all regional and international arenas.”

The strategy works. Hamas has launched another round in order to play its role in the “armed struggle” front. Only several hours passed before “writers and intellectuals” began filling their own role in the “PR struggle” front. The first petition has already hit the road. No to violence. Not to war. All they want is to “probe the incitement,” Israel’s of course. And they are demanding “an end to the fighting in Gaza.”

The protests around the world have already begun too. In London, streets have already been blocked in a joint protest of the radical left and jihad supporters. In Dortmund, Germany, it was a coalition of Islamists and neo-Nazis.

Once the goal was to portray the Jew as a monster. Today the goal is to portray Israel as a monster.

Sometimes we have to rub our eyes in disbelief, as it is not only neo-Nazis, Islamists and anarchists who participate in these protests. Human rights supporters protest against Israel too, and common sense finds it difficult to digest the foolishness.

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The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Italy have spoken out against a disturbing wave of violent anti-Semitic attacks across Europe in the wake of the Gaza crisis.

In Berlin, police had to step in to protect an Israeli tourist couple at the weekend after protestors turned on them when they spotted the man’s yarmulke. Demonstrators reportedly charged towards the couple shouting “Jew! We’ll get you!”

In Paris, hundreds of protestors have attacked synagogues, smashed the windows of Jewish shops and cafes, and set several alight, including a kosher grocery store which reportedly burned to the ground.

In the Netherlands, the home of the chief rabbi has been attacked with stones twice in one week.


There have been reports of protestors in Germany chanting “Jews to the gas chambers”, and police in Berlin have banned protestors from using another popular slogan: “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone”.

This won’t end well.

It never does. These protests aren’t responses to the current issue in Gaza, but the result of latent anti-semitism. Granted I would be 4 to 1 that most of the protesters are of very recent Arab immigrants.

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